Bringing Home a New Kitten can be a Great Experience

Whether you are planning on adopting a how much are exotic shorthair kittens or found one on your doorstep this morning having a new kitten can be a fun and challenging experience. Kittens are cute, soft and so much fun to watch, but they are babies and as babies they have needs. With knowledge and preparation bringing home your baby kitty can be a great experience for you both.


Your kitten’s top needs are food, water and a litter box. Kittens need higher levels of protein than adult cats so they will need food formulated for kittens for their first year. Water is easy just raid your cupboard for a small shallow dish, until you can find a more suitable one at a pet store or online. Next your kitten will need a litter box, a short one is a good idea to start with. I also strongly recommend avoiding clumping kitty litter because kittens can ingest it by licking or otherwise and it is designed to become a hard lump. Unfortunately, there have been reports of kittens ingesting clumping kitty litter and having symptoms such as vomiting a yellow frothy substance, diarrhea and even death. Look for non-clumping clay or biodegradable kitty litters such as those made from recycled newspapers, corn or wheat. There may be other organic choices available at your local pet store as well. Most kittens know by instinct what to do when given a litter box full of litter as a last resort you may shred unprinted newsprint for your kitten to use.


Another nice item for your new kitten is a soft warm bed, this too can be homemade or store bought. Kitten love to be in enclosed places like baskets or boxes. To help them transition more easily include a soft item from their former home. You will probably find that their favorite place is lying on a shirt that has your scent. Cats originally came from a pride and like lying together in a group so a piece of clothing with your scent makes them feel like they are in a group. This is especially important for a kitten that has just been removed from its family unit.


Toys and a scratching post are not necessities but if you like your curtains, couch and legs, I highly recommend them. Kittens are very curious and have a lot of energy to burn they are building their hunting and climbing skills. By providing safe outlets for your kitten to explore you will lesson the chance of them tearing up your possessions or possibly getting hurt. Toys such a fury mice give them something to chase, catch and carry. Interactive toys will keep them busy and hopefully wear them out once in a while. A scratching post whether homemade or store bought will provide a legitimate place to scratch. Praising them when they scratch the right place can lead to good scratching habits in the long run.

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