Can a Person Become Addicted to Cocaine From Prescription Use?

Cocaine users come from all ways and means of excuses into their addiction. The addiction to prescription drugs is a big problem today. buy cocaine online addiction can also come from prescription use.

Cocaine is a good anesthetic and is also used for lifting depression. However the consequences often outweigh the advantages, when the user becomes dependent on the cocaine to function. Cocaine has been used for decades for anesthetic. Many of us can remember back to the early 1980’s when there was a horse liniment which more people bought for arthritis pain, sprains and sports injuries than for their horses. Come to find out, it was cocaine based and was outlawed in the United States, because it became addicting to those who used it.

Cocaine is also used in small doses to fight against depression. However it is more highly addictive than the anesthetic because it is able to work more intensely on the brain. Is is used as a stimulant to try and lift the depression, and it usually does, but then it becomes a crutch to keep the person from falling back into the depression once the cocaine wears off. The cocaine does not attack the root of the depression problem and only props the user up and they become dependent on it to function.

Cocaine deterioration of the brain and the side effects should scare anyone away from using it. The buzz comes from a constriction of the blood vessels and a spike in blood pressure. As the blood vessels constrict it causes a lack of oxygen to the brain and the body. This lack of oxygen can lead to blood clots in the intestines, brain and heart. It can then lead to possible heart attacks, stroke or irregular heart rhythm.

Yes doctors can and do regulate the cocaine use when prescribed. The dilemma comes when the prescription runs out and the person knows that it is easy to get cocaine on the street. They then buy unclean cocaine, with varying purities and do not know how to regulate it. Soon they become addicted and do not care.

Those who have become addicted to cocaine for any reason, will all tell you that any cocaine use at all and for any reason is not worth the risk!

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