Choose a Winning Kit For Your Football Team

It’s the biggest sport in England and it’s also a world cup cheap football kits, so this year football is going to be huge. Every park and garden will be full of kids and probably a few adults with jumpers for goalposts, imitating their sporting heroes and asking neighbours for their ball back.

It might even inspire a few people to join a team. Competitive football can be great fun as well as brilliant exercise, but what colours will you be wearing when you take to the hallowed turf of your local footy field? Many amateur teams ape the outfits of their favourite premiership team; some go for a brand new design that’s a little bit different, so what is the winning kit for you? Here are a few options to ponder to help you play the beautiful game in style:

Premiership Kits
The striking Arsenal home kit has a scarlet body with white sleeves – probably a popular choice for North Londoners. The West Ham kit, again might appeal to footballers in the big smoke, but the claret blue by itself is a popular sporting getup. The Manchester United away kit might be a style to imitate; Man U are ridiculously popular anyway but their plain black kit could give your team a menacing look which could help you overcome any opponents.

Vintage Football Kits
In the fashion world vintage clothing is king at the moment so why not when it comes to mens football kits? To show your patriotism perhaps a kit reminiscent of the England 1966 uniform would be a good choice, or if your team sees itself as something special how about the classic yellow and green kit that Brazil won the 1970 world cup in?

There are many sports clothing companies out there who can help you create your ideal kit, so whether you fancy a knock-about in the park or are planning football world domination, you will be dressed appropriately.

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