Google Lists Twenty Six Million Motorcycle Women Webpages

To be a trike motorcycle for sale women you need to belong to this women’s motorcycle club or that women’s motorcycle club, or you need to wear this biker women outfit or that biker women outfit.

Some will even go as far as to tell you that you’re not a true biker chick unless you ride this model motorcycle or that type of motorcycle.

Well biker girl I feel enough is enough. I do not need a want to-be biker webpage to tell me how to be a motorcycle woman. I know I am a women and I know how to ride my own motorcycle.

What I would like from a women’s motorcycle web page, is information and interesting articles about other women just like me. Women that have a true passion for motorcycling and want to help other women get the strength and courage to get their own motorcycle and learn to ride it.

The other thing that I have noticed about the World Wide Web and women motorcycle webpage’s is the amount of motorcycle women’s boots and apparel webpage’s that really aren’t women’s apparel or motorcycle related.

So what brought me to this tangent in the first place is, I was on the Internet looking for a webpage that was women related that I could really enjoy and get something out of. I was also looking for a new pair of Harley boots.

The thing is, most of the motorcycle women related websites listed on Google really are not. Most of them were webpage’s about everything else with an article or two about motorcycle women or a club or group trying to get me to join. The motorcycle apparel sites were mostly the same. I discovered that most of the webpage’s I found didn’t have what I needed.

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