Hot Selling X-Box Games Of 2010 mafia city hack

One of the best selling X-box games out there is Halo read more, a prequel to the bestselling series of X-box games. In this game you will discover all of the events and experiences that led up to all the other beloved Halo games in the series. In fact, as a player, you will be able to be a part of the events that led up to the Halo legends.

With wonderful images and exceptional, cinematic graphics, you will be a part of the Noble Team, a group of soldiers who are trying to salvage the planet Reach, the last defensive planet that stands between the dangers of Covenant and Earth. You will get to see an array of stunning backgrounds and amazing settings, as it is the scenes of a burning and falling planet. Mostly, you will be fighting the enemies of Covenant, and they will be shown to you in vivid and amazing detail. For all Halo fans, this game is a must, as you will be able to meet the Noble Team that inspired the Halo legend, as well as enjoy some artificial intelligence features. Also, the multiplayer nature of the game makes it highly competitive and double exciting.

Another best seller out there is Call of Duty Black Ops, a game that found its roots inspired by the actual Black Ops soldiers. You will be able to fight in a variety of locations, enjoying snowy mountains as well as jungle war zones and even some city settings of Vietnam. In this game you will be able to partake in both ground and air combat as well as do so with a brand new array of weapons and vehicles, all inspired from the Cold War decade. You can play as a single player or with a local multiplayer with friends around you, or with a multiplayer online version, as well. With amazing and true to life detailed graphics, you will get a real sense of what it is like to fight during those time periods.

Another best selling game is Madden NFL 11. For all football fans, this game is a must as it allows you to really feel and experience the game with the dual stick control which lets you perform your main moves with the responsive right and left sticks. You can use these sticks to run and make tackles and throw the ball in a way that will be smoother and not need the use of buttons anymore. You will be able to enjoy the sense of being in a game with the improved and digitally advanced audio effects.

Another must have game for X-box is Mafia II, a game that surrounds the life of a beaten down Italian American who is just trying to make a fortune for himself. But, he is soon drawn to the world of the mafia and as you play the game, you will be able to experience first hand what the mafia world of organized crime was like as you fight hand to hand combat and allow a real gangster experience with a well developed plot and smart narrative.

Finally, Red Dead Redemption is another best selling game, as it surrounds the life of a man who is taken from his home on the condition that he will help the police find past gang members. With amazing graphics and a Western, rugged backdrop, plenty of shooting and horse back riding, this game is the perfect game for the mix of adventure and danger.

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