How To Be Your Doctor’s Favorite Patient

First of all, let me explain something in case you don’t already know. The more your primary care physician mcallen tx and his staff like you, the better service you will receive. It’s just a plain fact and human nature. Most doctors are swamped with patients and have to make choices when appointing patients to their schedule. So how do you get the only appointment left on next Tuesday, your day off?

Asking for an appointment: Make or break the relationship.
Depending upon how large the practice is, there is probably one person designated to make appointments and is most likely a woman or young adult. This position is one of the lowest paid in the practice, so keep that in mind when talking to them and boost their ego at every chance.

· Don’t tell them you have to get in this week because you are going on a cruise or exotic trip next week and just have to be seen now. This will not induce sympathy with a person financially incapable of affording such luxury. Just say you’re going out of town.

· Don’t tell them it ‘has to be next Tuesday between 2 and 4’. Ask nicely if ‘that time’ is available, but do not insist on it. If you consistently follow the suggestions laid out here, chances are the appointment coordinator will move patients around to accommodate your schedule just because you are the favorite. But it is not a good idea to demand a specific time unless they ask you first. In case you don’t know, the appointment coordinator is taught to run the schedule, and to not let the patients do it for them.

· Keep in mind it is the appointment coordinator’s job to FILL the schedule for the doctor. Most doctors want to see a full schedule for tomorrow when they leave for the day. “Emergency time” is seldom available, unless the practice has a consistent need for it. I know of no doctor that likes to sit around with no patients and therefore no income. Even the most caring of doctors still has their income in mind. After all, they have a staff and bills to pay.

· Which brings up the next point: do not ask the appointment coordinator for a discount or a payment plan. Trust me, they will not have the authority to grant one. In most practices, only the doctor can grant lower fees. Sometimes the office manager can suggest payment plans. However, keep in mind, you will never be the doctor’s favorite patient if you consistently ask for lower fees or special treatment in the payment department. If you truly need help with financing, do it with the greatest tact.

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