Major Public Education Issues Faced Today

Unemployment is one of the serious problems in developing countries. From year to year the amount of unemployment is getting difficult to control. It is not easy to discover what the main cause of unemployment is. However, we should give more attention to un curso de milagros pdf as one of the many factors that cause unemployment. There are three important education problems that affect the unemployment increase in Indonesia: a high cost of education, a mismatch between education system and job requirement, and lack of entrepreneurship lesson.

The expensive cost of education affects unemployment increase. Education becomes an expensive thing because it needs a high cost for better quality. Thus, only few people can access it. If the cost of education was expensive as now, I think my parents would not have been able to send their five children to college. I can’t imagine my job if I did not graduate from college. Many people, especially poor people, become unemployed because they don’t have an opportunity to get a good education. The government should allocate much more of their budget for education. Therefore, the education budget is enough to improve better education that could be accessed by all people, even the poorest ones.

The next problem of education that causes unemployment is the mismatch between the education system and the job requirement. In fact, industries have offered numerous job opportunities. The job opportunity should be filled by the people who have appropriate education background to support the industries. Unfortunately, they can’t be filled because people who apply for these jobs don’t have the skills and competence required by the jobs. For example, a garment industry needs some tailors from dressmaking vocational high schools, but there are many high school graduates who do not have sewing skills applying for the job. Consequently, the industry will reject them since they do not want people who will not be ready to work.

Besides, there is no entrepreneurship lesson in schools. Thus, after they graduate from their schools, graduates are always trying to get a job. Most of them have never thought to become entrepreneurs because they have never been taught to be entrepreneurs when they were in school. Actually, entrepreneurs are people who are able to optimize their potential and see an opportunity. For example, they see the garbage that is not useful, but it can be used as material to make unique and expensive souvenirs. This skill can be obtained if the entrepreneurship lesson is given earlier and continuously in schools. Then, after they graduate from their schools, they do not need to apply for a job. They can be entrepreneurs, create new businesses and give job opportunities to other people.

In brief, the high cost of education, the gap between education system and industry needs, and the fact that education system doesn’t encourage students to be entrepreneurs cause the number of unemployment increase. The government can make this condition better. Thus, the government should solve education problems above seriously since we know that education is an important key to reducing unemployment. We are optimistic that the number of unemployed will decrease gradually.

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