Make Your Own Perfect Men’s Ripped Jeans

There are only 4 things that you’ll be requiring: A good pair of Amiri Replica, a scissor, a sand paper and a washable marker for fabrics. The instructions are uncomplicated and easy to follow:The next step is to settle on where and how many tears you want in your jeans. An easy way to decide is to google up some pictures of celebrities wearing the ripped jeans and to select a design that suits your body or style type.

Select a pair of jeans that you already have. The jeans should be a bit worn in yet in style. Our simple target is to make men’s ripped jeans that are the latest thing and not just an old pair of jeans that got torn. For men, slightly baggy jeans nowadays will do the trick.

Now use the washable fabric marker to mark the parts of the jeans where you want to create the ripped look. Do a quick check by wearing the yet un-ripped jeans and looking in the mirror to make sure that the marks have been properly positioned. Correct and alter any marking areas that seem unfit to you.

With the help of the scissors, you cut out a small hole at every marked region. Now using the sand paper, rub the wholes vigorously to bring out the ripped, tattered look and feel. If the holes still seem tiny than what you desire, cut the holes a little bigger and repeat the rubbing with sandpaper.

Washing is the last step towards making your own men’s ripped jeans. After the newly ripped jeans have been washed, place them for approximately 10 minutes in a dryer set at the lowest setting. Take them out and dry them on a wire to get the water out completely.

Trim any remaining threads to create your own unique look.
This concludes the simple method of making your very own, inexpensive ripped jeans. Be in style and what better way to be in fashion than to be able to create your own!

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