Mineral Cosmetics, All the Buzz Explained

What do Hollywood A-list goddesses Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Price have in common? Well aside from the obvious fact that they are just some of the hottest and most beautiful women of Tinseltown, they have all switched to natural. Natural makeup that is. Because they are just a few of the many celebrities who are now using mineral cosmetic tattooing Perth. That’s right. Mineral cosmetics is the hottest Hollywood buzz right now. 

Mineral cosmetics, as implied with its name, are type of cosmetic products that are made up of natural mineral elements that are finely milled and powdered. Unlike the traditional kind of makeup, mineral makeup does not contain chemicals that can be harmful to the user. 

Production of mineral cosmetics starts by sterilizing the mineral elements and grounding them up into very fine powder. It is then mixed with natural colorings including iron oxide which create different colors that can be used. 

The Good and The Beauty 

Aside from making you beautiful, mineral cosmetics also have many benefits – for you, your family and the environment. 

Mineral cosmetics contain zinc oxide that provides sun protection factor (SPF) of over 25. That means it can provide you protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, helping prevent wrinkles, discoloration and skin damage. And because these products are made up of microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other when applied on the skin, it makes them non-comedogenic – meaning, it does not block the pores and let them breath. This makes mineral cosmetics suitable for women with fine lines and skin problems like acne, rosacea and irritation. They also protect the skin from different sorts of pollutants like dust and dirt. 

Aside from the obvious beautifying benefits of mineral cosmetics, another advantage is that they are not harmful to your family. It is a known fact that women use makeup for themselves. But they also choose their products based on its effects on their family. And this type of cosmetics, being natural and chemical-free, will not promote any allergic reactions when in contact with the skin, including to children. This means you can still be beautiful and have fun with your kids and other relatives without any threat to their health and well-being. 

Using mineral cosmetics also have a larger implication aside from its beautiful effects. Many women usually sacrifice environmental concerns in their pursuit for being pretty. But they don’t have to make that choice when they use these products. Mineral cosmetics are organic so they do not contribute to the steady stream of chemicals making its way to the nature. This way, you can cut up the harmful wastes and help in cleaning up the planet. 

Mineral Versus Chemical 

Technology has really gone a long way. This case is also true with cosmetic products. And as oppose to other technological advances, mineral cosmetics have far exceeded its older counterpart, the traditional makeup. 

Mineral cosmetics, unlike the traditional chemical products, are salicylate-free, which makes it non-irritant and non-allergic. It also does not have bismuth oxychloride, carmines and superfluous dyes that have harmful effects on the skin. These products also does not contain talc. 

One thing women look for when buying their makeup is its longevity, in their faces and in their makeup kits. For one, mineral cosmetics employ loose minerals which extend the amount of time it can make faces look freshly done. These products last longer than chemically-composed competitors. Also, mineral cosmetics does not use colorants that allow bacteria and other organisms to grow in them. For this reason, you can store your makeups longer and have more use of them as compare to traditional makeups that have shorter shelf-life. Traditional cosmetics also have preservatives that can irritate the skin, but not the mineral type. 

And because of their busy schedules, many women also have no time to take off their makeup when they have to. With traditional cosmetic products, they cannot do this. But they can with mineral cosmetics. In fact, they can sleep with the products still on their faces and have no worries of it having any effects on their skin. 

Deciding to make the switch to mineral cosmetics is very easy. There are three simple reasons: it’ll make you beautiful, it’ll make you and your family healthy, and it is environment-friendly.

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