Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas

Solar lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency as well as ease of installation. As solar technology becomes more popular and more widely available,Outdoor Solar Lighting Ideas Articles it’s decreasing in cost and has become more affordable. There are new, innovative solar products emerging 美国充值抖音.

The solar rock light is an innovative product. This is a solar light nestled into a realistic looking rock. It’s wireless and uses solar energy to recharge its NiCad batteries. It comes on after dusk and turns off as the sun rises automatically. This is a great addition to your existing outdoor lighting and can be used in many ways to accentuate your front gardens, driveway and walkways as well as your rear patio and backyard gardens.

A Few Decorating Ideas

Here are a few ideas for great ways to use the solar rock light to both accentuate your outdoor gardens and to create a soft glow outside your home.

Because it looks like a natural rock, it can fit into your outdoor décor and blend well into any rock garden borders you have around your flowers. You could space out several to create a warm spotlight that points toward your home. Or, angle them so that they point directly toward your door to light the path of anyone who arrives. This type of lighting can be beneficial in helping you easily find the keyhole at night or welcome visitors and enabling them to find the doorbell or doorknocker. Placing your solar rock light so that it positions the light over your house number can be a bonus as well. This looks classy and helps people find your home.

This solar rock light can illuminate your patio and you can use several of them to decorate your yard and create bordered lighting around the perimeter in lieu of something such as a Tiki torch, moon ray or patio lanterns. Lighting creates ambience so you can even use a combination of the solar rock light with any other patio lights you already have. Other Solar Rock Light Benefits

Beyond looking good and lighting your outside, this product has several benefits:

Because it is wireless, they are simple and easy to install by anyone
The solar function makes this a very energy efficient outdoor lighting option
They are weather resistant so work efficiently in rain or snow unlike some outdoor lighting that has to be brought in for the winter
They recharge from the daylight as well as the sun. Only a minimal amount of sun is needed to recharge these lights

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