Razer Marauder – The Ultimate StarCraft II Keyboard?

There are a lot of new ducky keyboard that have come up for gamers but it’s the first time that a keyboard’s been made for a particular game – the Razer Marauder. The Marauder is made by Razer for StarCraft II gamers. There are other keyboards that are specifically made for gaming but not for one particular game. There is a keyboard that is made for several games by changing its keypad but never specifically for a game. Not until there was the Razer Marauder. To know what’s new and good about the Razer Marauder, it would be good to take it for a spin.

The first thing that sets this keyboard apart from the other gaming keyboards is its size. Other keyboards are mammoths but this keyboard is compact. The designers of the marauder did not do away with the numbers pad like what other keyboard makers have done. What the makers of this keyboard did was take out the delete, page up, page down, home, end and the arrow keys. The functions of these keys were not removed totally because it is integrated at the number pad and is accessible by using the numLK key. Although it is a small keyboard, the Razer Marauder is solid.

This keyboard is designed with gamers in mind so it has an integrated APM or actions per minute system. With this system you can know how fast you are working your keyboard. It starts with green when you are hitting 50 APM that changes to red when you are hitting 300 APM. The good thing about the back lighted keyboard of the Razer Marauder is that when you are playing StarCraft II and you are being attacked, it will give you a warning. Although if you are playing the game you will really know that you are attacked, the feature just gives it a nice touch.

For other uses the this keyboard has nice comfortable keys. This keyboard has rubbery keys that feel great on the fingers. The keys are also sensitive so you don’t have to put much force in striking them – something that is important in playing games. The Razer Marauder’s keys are evenly spaced at a good distance from each other. This makes reaching for the keys a lot easier. You won’t also have to contend with striking the wrong key. Unlike the other bulky keyboards the Razer Marauder frees your desk for other things. It helps you clear the clutter.

Overall, the Razer Marauder is a great keyboard for playing StarCraft II. However if you are playing other games, you would encounter a few setbacks because programming its keys is not as easy as other keyboards’. It’s compact size is a nice feature and its backlights add a nice touch. However, Razer has not been so innovative in the design of the Marauder compared to the other keyboards it has released. With its steep price though, the Razer Marauder gets an overall score of 7.

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