Refinishing or Restoring Your Deck or Patio

If your deck or patio is starting to show its age, it’s time to give it the treatment it’s been needing. The extent of damage present will determine whether you should just refinish to bring back your Deck st louis original luster or if you will need to give the wood a full restoration. Either way, there are steps you need to take to ensure that your deck restoration or refinishing goes well.

Fixing Any Problem Areas

The first step in any deck restoration is fixing any problem areas. This can include, but is not limited to, nails and hardware sticking out, wood twisting, splintered wood, rotted wood, and extremely aged wood. Though some of these are bigger problems than others, they all need to be addressed to make your deck look like new. Issues like splitting and twisting-and occasionally nails or other fasteners getting pushed out-are indications that the wood either was not properly treated initially or that the deck is far behind on maintenance. Water entering the wood swells it and causes these issues; a properly sealed deck will not soak up water and thus will not have these issues. Homeowners may find it difficult to fix all of the issues present with their decks, so it is wise for them to consider hiring a deck restoration team to tend to their entire deck restoration.

The Cleaning Process

Before you undergo either refinishing or restoring your deck, your deck must be cleaned immaculately. Any residual dirt, grime, aged wood, or stains left behind will affect the appearance of your final deck. Professional deck restoration services have easy access to high powered pressure washers and the industry’s best wood cleaners and brighteners. Trying to clean your deck to professional grade yourself will require renting a pressure washer, which is not inexpensive, and to do extensive research on wood cleaners and brighteners. The expense and time on this are prohibitive, and that ignores how dangerous using a pressure washer can be, especially for someone inexperienced with the machinery.

Staining and Sealing

Once your deck has had a chance to dry well after the cleaning process, it’s time to begin staining and sealing it. If you are not a fan of your wood’s current color, which may have been bleached by the sun from its original warmth, staining is always an excellent option. Pick a stain that works well with your house’s color and with your surrounding yard. Many people find warm tones like golds and reds preferable, but you must pick a stain color that is right for you and your deck or patio.

If you like your wood’s natural color, staining is not necessary, but sealing is always necessary. Sealing protects wood from the damaging effects that soaking up water brings on. It is important for deck and patio owners to seal their outdoor wood every one or two years to help prevent damage.

Consider Hiring a Professional Deck Restoration Team

When you are going through the process of restoring or refinishing your deck, you should consider hiring a professional deck restoration team. Most homeowners do not have the experience or the expertise to refinish their deck or patio to a professional grade. Hiring a professional restoration team can keep homeowners from making difficult to repair mistakes and from using up their whole weekend on their deck repair project. Because a restoration service is completed by a professional company, they also have access to many tools that homeowners simply don’t have the space or resources to own.

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