Sell Your House Yourself With 1 of These 2 Secret Strategies

Some other things to look at are competing We buy houses for cash in your market, how quickly you need to sell and how much you want to save. Lets talk about the 1st game plan.

The 2009 For Sale By Owner Strategy  

This  focuses on using specific online methods and websites to sell your house, along with offline marketing tactics as well. Included are the most highly trafficked fsbo websites, free online classifieds (craigslist isn’t the only one), web 2.0 sites, paid online classifieds (are cheap compared to newspapers), fsbo signs, directional signs and other offline and online strategies.  This strategy works in hot markets and in slow buyers markets if certain things are done correctly.  

Sell Your Home in 5 Days 

Here we will focus on attracting 50 – 200 people to an open house all at one time. This is also called a round robin or home auction.

This special strategy is used in slow markets but you can also use this strategy to sell at anytime. The more attention and more buyers that show up the more “social proof” you create, which creates a bidding frenzy for the 2-4 serious buyers.

Some people are skeptical if this strategy works or not. It involves putting up a lot of signs around your neighborhood and having people on street corners directing traffic to your house. The best thing about this strategy is that it only takes 1 week to sell your house yourself. You don’t have to wait for months having people come in your house at odd times like you would if you let an agent try and sell your house.

This game plan involves a lot of less stress once you know what your doing. Using the two strategies above are the quickest ways to sell your house yourself. An agent will never do as much marketing as you would in the 2009 and beyond For Sale By Owner strategy. Hardly any agents even know about the sell your home in 5 days strategy. Pick one of these strategies based on your own individual situation. 

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