Teens Hooked on Electronic Games

goodgamestation can be recreational until it becomes addictive, but who will recognize the effect it has on the individual involve? Addiction is something to be concerned about, but obsession is something even worse.

Internet, computer, video games, and cell phones are some of the necessary addictive elements that our teens have to battle with today. Parents of a teen who might be carried away with video and or computer games will admit it is a challenge to deal with. The recreational gaming activity with the Xbox is a strong influence upon the mind of young people today who become hooked with it. When the game was introduced in 1998 it was not long before parents began to voice their concern over teens that became so sold out to the gaming habit that they literally were adjusted to facilitate playing.

Video gaming was created to be a highly entertaining toy not primarily for teens but for adults; it was not accessible to anyone under 18 years which age group is considered as adults. Merchants were obligated to verify that a purchaser of any one unit satisfied the age requirement of 18.Thus for anyone under the age of maturity to have gotten hands on a gaming station it would be by the consent of an adult. Since it is an entertainment it unlikely that family members who will have purchased the product would quite likely use it freely in the home for family entertainment. If a thirteen year old makes part of that family he or she definitely shares the pleasure of the game.

Teens are vulnerable and need the guidance of adults much more advanced in making decisions than they are. It was not long after the X box became popular that it was in the hands of children who were not even attending school, it quickly became an entertainment for boy children in particular in oppose to tree house and Dora. There is certain dynamics about electronic games in general that grabs the focus of the mind and seems to alter it so it becomes programmed to play the games.

Parenting Teens: Parenting teens is a very tedious time in family life; relationships can either strengthen or completely tear apart. It is a time of transition in the teen’s life that complicates a lot of things from their viewpoint; it is a searching time, a time to make decision, a time they begin to feel independent and would rather not be told. Parents come under scrutiny more than ever, habits become more noticeable and your teen will become more verbose about things. There will have to have been a good foundation of good relationship built earlier in their life between parents to continue enjoying their friendship and to be able to continue giving counsel; out of their trust in you, you are liable to succeed in helping them make right decisions.

If you can participate in the games they play you will gather better understanding of their emotion during their active engagement, you will notice the impact it is having on them emotionally, you will listen to their reaction verbally, you will better understand what it means to them and how detrimental it is to their school obligations whether or not their gaming is robbing a more significant part of their life which could harm their future.You may not want to spend an hour or two at a video game whereas your teen will, but spending half an hour or a bit more you are better able to help curve the time he or she does spend with less hassle just because you participated and gain some understanding to better help your teen.

These electronic devices are made to consume time and to facilitate us from right where we are, they seem to automatically become a vital part of life which without them there is a significant void. It is the way time changes over the last two decades. To say a teen is addicted to a cell phone is a common say, the truth is we all possess one of these devices and if we should be without it for a day we begin to feel as though part of our life is missing. The device in itself is not bad but it is how we manage it we should not allow its use to manage us to the point of destroying our functionality. Parents have a right to pay close attention to their children and to monitor any device that is made available to them that is within their jurisdiction.

Watch for Effects: My four years old grandson was exposed to an Xbox and spent hours per day on it while his stay home mom worked at her work at home job. He was well entertained and gave her ample time to concentrate on her job, but what became noticeable was that he was slow at speech he became hooked on the device and that was all he wanted. Other learning avenues he did not want, to learn ABC and count 1-10 was a no! no! to learn to write was a bargain for something before any attempt, he was slowed down, the Xbox was the primary focus in his young life because he was unbeaten playing with anyone; he would get into tantrums when he was prevented from getting on the Xbox.

This of course brought on great concern as to how he would fit into school programs when he would begin going to school. The timing was right to have caught on to the issue to start the fixing process so as not to have him become a complete ruin. Having knowledge of the capabilities of electronic play devices is of great importance for young parents as it helps you to selectively purchase toys for your youngsters understanding you also have the responsibility to monitor the frequency of their use.

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