The Bank of America Plaza – The Pride of Dallas’ Skyline

Of the many landmark buildings that are part of Dallas’ skyline, the Bank of America galaxy blue sapphire plaza is indubitably the pride and joy of the city architects. True to the American motto of “Go Big or Go Home” this 72 story skyscraper reaches a dizzying height of 921ft and is one of the tallest buildings in the United States of America. By day, the reflective-glass clad surface of the building becomes a dazzling mirror of the skies over the city. By night, it wears an amazing silhouette of emerald that is seen for miles around, making it arguably Dallas’ most distinctive building. This lighting feature is accomplished by the two miles of green argon tubing that runs across the outlines of the structure. Yet, amazingly, this engineering marvel need not be frowned upon by the ecologically-conscious either; the Plaza was one of the first constructs in the US to win the Energy Star award, which rewards electrical efficiency.

This towering edifice which was the brainchild of JPJ Architects, Inc, was supposed to be only one of a set of four buildings, but it was the only one which survived the purges of the 1980s economic recession. Built in 1985 in the late modernist “Art Deco” design, the building occupies pride of place in the downtown Main Street District. Originally called the Dallas Main Center, this building has seen many name changes over the years; its current name was made official in 1998 to honor the most prestigious institution it currently houses – The Bank of America.

However, the height of the superstructure makes it optimal functioning as a broadcasting tower for multiple major news and television channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, WB-TV and FOX. To this end, the building is equipped with a state-of-the-art antennae system and data center. In fact, Channel Fox-4 has installed a camera at the top in order to broadcast live views of the city. The Plaza is also notable for being the address of several federal law enforcement agencies.

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