What Can Gangnam Style Teach You About Women?

I’ve decided to take a slight detour from the usual articles to help you get your ex back and look at women in 강남룸싸롱. I decided to do it through the biggest YouTube video right now -“Gangnam Style”. So what exactly can this catchy Korean music video teach you about women… well nothing by itself but I’m going to use it to point on some interesting ideas and facts behind how women operate and think!

Let’s first examine the main lyrics of the song ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’. Oppa roughly translates as older brother and it’s used by Korean girls to talk to older guys they are close to. It’s a deep part of their culture to pay respect to those older than them (important to bear in mind if you date an Asian girl). Korean guys want girls to call them Oppa because it shows some respect and a level of closeness.

Next up is Gangnam – This is the richest district in Seoul. You can think of Beverley Hills as the American equivalent. PSY the singer says that the women in this area are noble by day and crazy by night and his song says how he is right guy for a lady like that. I will assume you know what the word ‘style’ means haha.

I believe every woman leads this double life. They all have their bad side and good side. I remember before my relationship ended with my ex I was very naive and thought she was an angel who could do no wrong. I was in love and could only see the good side. Lesson learned. Women are very sexual but they never want to be labelled a slut so this dark side stays hidden. Reputation is very important to women and they are not prepared to tarnish it for just any man.

To get and keep a woman you need to appeal to both sides. This is very important! You need to appeal to her good girl side by being kind, funny, confident and respectful. The kind of guy that when seen in public her female friends get jealous and that she can bring home safely to her parents. And you also need to appeal to her bad girl side and be unpredictable, exciting and sexually adventurous. If you appeal only to the good girl side she will get bored and perhaps cheat. Appealing only to the bad girl side she will start to feel like she is being used and seek out a guy whom she feels more comfortable around.

Make sure you have Gangnam style with women! They all have their good girl sides and bad girl sides. To get and keep a woman you need to appeal to and satisfy both sides.

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