What’s Your Home Garage Cave Factor?

Real cave people might value some of this, but we’re talking about the CAVE factor of home reno epoxy floors, rather than cave homes. CAVE stands for Cool, Appealing, Versatile, and Efficient. Together, these factors can represent a gauge and guideline for you to determine how you currently use your garage and how you could be using it.


In this case, we’re talking about creativity and uniqueness, not temperature. Of course, what’s cool and how cool it is depends on who you ask, but it’s not hard to agree if a home garage is cool or not. If you and the folks in your neighborhood all rated the cool factor of each other’s garages, there’d only be a few that would really stand out. The majority of garages just aren’t very cool because of neglect. One thing’s certain though, the more time you spend in your garage, the cooler it becomes.


Disregarding opinions of others, how appealing do you find your garage? This is a good question to ask yourself if you’re fishing utilization ideas. A better question to ask is what would make it more appealing to you? Maybe you want to go with a theme, or a certain color and lighting scheme that appeals to you. Maybe you’re just trying to get it organized, or whatever. The key is how you do it, and not necessarily what you do, and that, is the foundation of garage appeal.


Versatility is typically the least explored of the bunch, although it’s fair to say it’s more important than the cool and appealing factors. So many garages are under-utilized and they have very little versatility, yet they can become more versatile relatively easily. Garage versatility is basically a reflection of its usefulness. Garages full of clutter aren’t very useful because all they do is store stuff. However, versatile garages can have vehicle parking, a work area, maybe a game area, and plenty of clever storage solutions. Garage versatility is definitely something to ponder in your own garage.


If you’ve got hot summers and cold winters where you live, then you know how they cook and chill your garage. Attached garages can add to house cooling and heating bills, and detached garages can cost a bundle to keep warm. The absolute number one key to garage efficiency is insulation. Whether it’s attic space, ceilings, walls, windows, or doors, heat works it’s way in and out. Another attribute of efficiency is how well your garage is set up for what you do. How fast can you find what you’re looking for? Better yet, how fast can you stow it away where it’s easy to find again?

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