Why You Do NOT Need Your Doctor

Before we show why your doctorstipsonline may be causing you more harm than good, let us see why you do need a doctor? Surgery-do you know how many unnecessary surgeries that are performed each year? Most of them is the sad truth. The removal of an appendix is a classic example. The doctor states confidently, you do not need one. Since when are body parts made that are unnecessary? It is part of your immune system and again, they are treating the symptom, not the problem. The surgeries we may need are vital in most cases. When a limb is separated from your body I will bet all of us wish to have reattachment immediately. 30-40 years ago we did not have much hope when appendages came off our bodies. With the advent of anti-rejection drugs transplants are have come a long way, similar results just described. Not all surgeries are necessary, but after you have taken that diagnosis treatment you surely want the best results.

30-40 years ago elderly persons who fell and broke their hips usually resulted in death. Today, a hip-replacement is day-surgery and they could be jogging or at least exercising in a week’s time. I am somewhat in shock how many doctors make a great living on cosmetic surgery. Talk about unnecessary surgeries. Fake boobs. I sat on the Board of the World Naturopathic Health Organization for many years and was exposed to advanced technology that most do not imagine exists. Every woman who had that augmentation done experienced the immediate results of the body attempting to rid itself of foreign matter, or rejection. While the body was busy using its immune systems resources to deal with this new problem the system was compromised and could not fight off normal issues readily deal with. Flu, staff, viruses, infections all affected most women more often and frequently due to the new appendages. My small breasted wife insisted on doing this and my vote to remain natural did not matter. Why she chose a size or two more than the doctor recommended is beyond me too. When we tested her on the equipment it said this, while in shape, great cardio, no fat, healthy eater, she had the body of an 80 year old. Upon taking them out the 40 year-old women showed on the machine she then had a body of an 18-year old. Honestly, she looks much better than most girls half her age.

What do Medical Doctors do? When you go to see them you talk about insurance and fill out paperwork and list symptoms. The nurse checks you out; she takes your temperature and blood pressure. You wait more. The doctor walks in with or grabbing a clipboard in hand and after looking it over, asks you for symptoms again. Doctors can treat you, not heal you. Doctors practice medicine, not cure you. When you go to see a Doctor because your skin has psoriasis, they prescribe a medicated cream. The problem with that, you are getting your symptom treated not the problem. You likely have a toxic liver and upon doing a liver cleanse the skin issue, or the real problem will disappear.

In 8 years of medical school doctors are taught zero minutes of nutrition. Maybe trained is a better word? Memorizing dead Italian relative’s names to learn about the body is hardly learning methods of healing. Oh yes, they are not allowed to do that. Doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs. Doctors are allowed to cut you open. Doctors are allowed to radiate you. That is it. If you needed an herbal tea or supplement to alleviate an issue by their license are not allowed to prescribe that for you. It is comical to me how you and doctors, think about western medicine. Taking a pill for anything does not cure it. Pain reliever is actually pain blocker. Your receptors that normally process nerve ending responses and communication to your body are blocked not relieved. Their tricks of language rival attorneys and our legal system.

When someone has a headache and thinks, I need a Tylenol, I often ponder, does your body have a Tylenol deficiency and that is what caused your headache so you better take that pill? That pill is one of the most dangerous medications many take. The side-effects are not pretty long-term. When I last saw a doctor, (at age 17) I asked him what was wrong with me and he turned around and asked me what I thought was wrong, I asked him if he was billing me for this answer I was about to give him? He looked at me stupefied. He again repeated the question and my answer was a question to him. Did he expect me to pay him when I came to him for an answer to an apparent medical problem? My approach was completely pragmatic-I was hiring him to find my cause of my issues. Either you deliver or you cannot. Doctors act like they are so smart and we are all so dumb, but like lawyers, they are hired professionals and work for us. I tell a doctor what I want and need them to do. Since I am hiring them, ultimately I am in charge.

Before you think I am completely crazy, you must know your body heals itself 99% of the time. Your diet is likely at the root of any issues you have. You may simply need to drink more water and get off anything with high fructose corn-syrup. Have you ever had a cracker, cookie, or potato chip? We all have. We all have hydrogenated oils that do not exist in nature and are man-made to increase shelf-life of foods too. Our bodies cannot break down nor digest them and that begins to line the artery walls. The take on diabetes alone annually is over 400 billion. In a few years 1 in 3 persons will have some form of diabetes. I’m only 50 years old; I do remember when it was the exception, not the rule. What changed in that time? Our food supply for sure.

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