Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand The West Meet East

When you slot thailand think of cosmetic surgery and all the places in the world you can go to have it then Thailand most likely will not make your top ten of places.  Everyone wants to have cosmetic surgery in Thailand the most luxurious place possible to complement their new look and usually money is of no object either which is why you see movie stars and famous sporting personalities undergoing regular cosmetic surgery treatment in the most exotic of locations.  

This may all be about to change though with Thailand doing its best to become a major player in the cosmetic surgery in Thailand arena and when you look at how it is managing to do this you have to wonder why no-one else is doing it.  For one thing Thai people are very customer service oriented and friendly.   They want to help you, they want to please you and show that they can do a great job and there is perhaps no better area for this mindset then cosmetic surgery.  

When you combine this way of thinking with an area that requires the highest level of standards, service and care then you really have a winning combination. You only have to take a look online at some of the cosmetic surgery providers in Thailand to see that they are serious about providing the best level of care and satisfaction and they even manage to do that with prices that are far less than the West also and you have to wonder how they manage this too.

 It is all about the economy as obviously the cost of living in Thailand is much cheaper than in the West in many respects which transfers to all areas including surgical procedures.  When you consider that Thailand is, in one way, like the US when it comes to medical insurance (meaning you must pay for the care instead of like on the NHS in the UK where it would be free) it means that many people are quick to tar Thailand with the same brush and accuse it of providing healthcare with exorbitant costs but this is not the case.

If you compare, like for like, a cosmetic surgery procedure from the US and one from Thailand then even with the cost of flights to and from Thailand the price of the procedure overalls is still less than in the USA.  So when you factor that you have to ask yourself why pay more when you do not have to?  Sure, many people will pay more just because they do not have to leave their own country but if you can save money and get the same level of care in a completely different country then surely .

It makes sense to give it a try?  More and more people are realizing this and waking up and that is why Thailand is now becoming one of the top providers when it comes to cosmetic surgery in Thailand meaning that the West may soon be playing catch up to the East and places such as Thailand and this may not be a bad thing at all.

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