Microsoft Office Exam: An Important Pre-Employment Testing Tool

Computers have now become indispensable in the workplace, and computer skills have become more important now than ever before. Software applications such as Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise can boost the productivity of your employees and the entire business as a whole. Employees can use it to create a business plan, a letterhead, marketing material, a profit-loss projection, sales brochures, and so on. This software application has lightened up the load for many employees as it has allowed completion of tasks in a more accurate and faster way.

Today, Microsoft office skills (and computer skills as a whole) have become more than just an asset that a worker can possess. It’s central role in maintaining high productivity has made it a required skill. Therefore, if a job description requires use or even just some familiarity with these applications, it is very important to make sure that your job candidates has the skills necessary to perform the job. One of the proven ways to objectively determine computer skills is to conduct an exam.

Although Microsoft has its own certification program, they usually charge hefty fees to individuals. Microsoft Office exams for pre-employment hiring purposes are available through professional providers such as Employment Skills Online Test. A Microsoft Office exam is usually an interactive or a multiple choice test that will determine exactly what a potential job applicant knows and doesn’t know. Interactive Microsoft Office tests are usually simulation type where applicants are asked to perform specific tasks using tool bars, menus, shortcut keys, and so on. These exams come as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage and Excel tests. You can choose one or a combination of these tests, depending on your company’s needs. They also come in various versions; whether your company currently uses the 2010 version or the 2007 or 2002 versions, you can find a test that would best match your current needs.

Microsoft Office exams also come in various levels, usually in beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. You can choose from these levels depending on what is required by the job at hand. If the job requires preparation of business proposals and reports, you might want to conduct at least an intermediate level to advanced level to ensure high productivity. Jobs requiring in-depth or hardcore Microsoft applications would necessitate advanced level assessment tests. Moreover, if a job description only requires basic typing and little computer skills, a basic level exam might do. (Even if employees don’t work with computers on a daily basis or even if it is not necessary to complete their primary duties, they will most likely run into it time and again.)

Is it really important to conduct a Microsoft Office exam as part of your pre-employment procedures? This question is much like asking whether Microsoft Office is indeed important to complete tasks in your workplace. If the answer to the latter is yes, then it is indeed important to conduct a Microsoft skills test.

Computer skills have become more important today than ever before. A workforce that is skilled in applications such as Microsoft Office can give you a better edge towards maximizing productivity. Be it in administration (letters, faxes, labels, envelopes, database), sales (interactive presentations), marketing (sales copies, dynamic advertisements), finance and accounting, media and web design, skills in Microsoft Office will surely come handy.

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