The 3 Things You Don’t Do When Overclocking Your CPU

Although overclocking your pcdesigner is a brilliant way of getting tons of free performance from your PC, there is dangers along the way! But saying that the danger of overclocking your CPU can be easily avoided just along your aware of these dangers. Here are 3 things you don’t do when your overclocking your CPU.

What ever you do, never rush when overclocking your CPU. Overclocking takes time and inpatient people tend to get bored quickly and take bigger leaps when overclocking their CPU. This can only end in damaging their CPU’s. So take your time.

The biggest danger in overclocking your CPU is upping the voltage. Always up the voltage by one step. Once you’ve done that carry on overclocking your CPU till you need more voltage and if the temps are good, Then up the voltage again by one step and one only.

Always make sure that your cooling is fully operational. It sounds silly I know but I’ve known people who have overclocked and their CPU’s fan wasn’t working at all. This is a sure fire way to blowing up your CPU. So make sure that all your cooling is working before you overclock your CPU.

So remember to keep all of the above in mind when overclocking your CPU. Some of you may think that some of these are obvious but slipping up on just one of these can potentially blow your CPU sky high!

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