Why Beating AdWords is Better Than AdWords Miracle

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online, but you won’t make much money at it without traffic to your website. But waiting for natural search engine traffic is a very long-term undertaking, and very hard to control. The simplest way to get traffic to your site is to pay for it using a program like Google acim youtube.

Paying for traffic, however, is fraught with difficulties because it’s easy to spend more in advertising than you make in sales. This is especially true with Google’s AdWords program, which rewards advertisers who spend time and effort to create compelling and targeted advertisements and punishes those who don’t with much higher costs. That’s why you need a good guide that explains how to successfully do affiliate marketing with Google AdWords.

The two ebooks to consider are Beating AdWords and AdWords Miracle. Both have a lot to offer and are aimed at slightly different audiences, although I prefer Beating AdWords.

Let’s start by looking at AdWords Miracle, or AM for short. When you purchase AM you get the core eBook (100 pages) and a number of bonuses, including a number of training videos. The core training includes an introduction to affiliate marketing with AdWords, a long discussion of how to write good ad copy (very important), basic AdWords campaign management, and them specific techniques that marketers can use for affiliate products. The bonuses include discussions of how to build opt-in mailing lists, how to find a good product to promote, and some advanced techniques.

Now let’s consider Beating AdWords, or BA for short. At 467, it’s cheaper, and the core eBook is also about the same length as the main AM guide. There are fewer bonuses, but the review site templates that are included as very useful. The first part of BA is very similar to AM, a long introduction to affiliate marketing and Google AdWords. After that, though, the two books diverge.

Beating AdWords takes a more measured and scientific approach to pay-per-click affiliate marketing, focusing more on results and not on hype. There are specific recommendations and examples of how to create groups of advertisements and all the parameters that affect the infamous Google “quality score” and how to avoid the equally infamous “Google Slap”. Next come details on how much to bid and how to determine when a campaign is unsuccessful — important because you want to stop the losers as quickly as possible!

One of the best things about BA is its focus on creating review sites as a way to promote affiliate products. A well-constructed review site and accompanying ad text will get you great quality scores and lower traffic costs. And you give the visitors some useful alternatives to consider, without resorting to underhanded tricks. The bonus review site templates that come with BA let you quickly create a review site in an hour or less — you can get started right away.

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