Why Does the PH Miracle Diet Omit Dairy Products?

By omitting acidifying foods and their behaviour patterns when you are on the pH a course in miracles mexico diet you can control various conditions including obesity in your body. Many people especially in the Western countries are surprised that milk is included in this diet. Dairy products are normally not included in the diets of other population groups around the world. From a pH point of view, dairy is also not necessary for good health; it is in reality quite harmful to the human body.

We have been raised on the idea that milk and other dairy products are important for good strong bones and to stay healthy. What we do not always realize is that dairy products contain huge amounts of fat and protein, which are actually acid forming when consumed. The milk from cows as well as all related products produces acid in our bodies. Although milk from goats and sheep as well as cheeses still produces acid, it is produced in lesser amounts because they contain less fat and protein. Clarified butter however, contains short chain fats and as a result, it is the only alkaline dairy product.

The Harvard School of Public Health published a new pyramid in 2003 to show imbalances perceived on the original recommendation pyramid released by the FDA. Alkaline and acid foods were not mentioned directly, but it showed a greater tendency towards alkaline foods. One of the most remarkable differences between the two pyramids was the inclusion of only one dairy serving or calcium supplement per day. The FDA recommended 2 to 3 dairy servings per day as well as additional nutritional supplements.

In his explanation about the differences between these two pyramids, Dr. Meir Stampfer, a professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Nutrition and the Chair of the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health stated that Americans are eating too many dairy products daily. Although the body does need calcium to stimulate and maintain bone growth, the high levels of calcium in two to three servings of dairy daily, as recommended by the FDA, can pose a threat to a human body. The average adult can easily get the calcium needed daily by taking a supplement. Certain cancers can be triggered by excessive calcium intake and there is also no proven link between taking huge quantities of calcium and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Dairy can also not be perceived as a pure food even though the dairy industry tries its utter most to make us believe that cow’s milk is an essential and harmless ingredient of our daily diet. If we consider the fact that the average cow produced 2,000 pounds of milk per year a mere 50 years ago and the production has now risen to 50,000 pounds per year, should we not think about the reasons for this? Dairy farmers use specialized breeding programs, force-feed the cows and use drugs, antibiotics and hormones to optimize milk production. There is no way that all these additives can be removed from the milk that we consume everyday.

More and more Americans including the followers of the pH Miracle diet, are cutting dairy products from their normal diets and seeing very good results. Recent studies have shown that the use of milk can be linked to intestinal irritation and colic as well as allergic reactions and anemia in infants and children. In addition to these problems, children can also suffer from allergies, ear and tonsil infection, childhood diabetes, asthma and colic. Problems found in adults included heart disease, sinusitis, allergies and arthritis, all as a result of today’s supposedly naturally produced milk.

If you do research on the dangers of dairy you will realize that it is not as safe as we are led to believe. You will then also understand why milk and its related products are not included in the acidic food list of the pH Miracle diet.

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