Working Miracles by Faith – Lesson 2B

Let’s continue our discussion and lesson on you needing a miracle in your life. We know that everyone needs a non dual teachers at one time or another. We know that when you need a miracle that you need one right away. So what will you do? Let’s continue where we left off in our previous lesson.

Begin by breaking from inhibiting habits. You know the things that you do that you should not be doing. Included are those things that you do in private when no one is looking as well as those things that you do that you think as long as they don’t hurt anyone they are okay to do. The person you are hurting is yourself. You can stop them through the strength and the help that the Lord provides. You ask him for his help after confessing any sin and repenting of that sin. Then you fast and pray regularly and I mean daily. You may have to see your doctor before starting any fasting, but you need to fast and to pray until you have a breakthrough. Maybe you start with one meal a day or maybe you do more. That is between you and God. But I tell you that you will not get away with anything that is not done without your whole heart, mind, soul and strength put into any effort.

In other words if you cheat, you lose. You must realize that you can create a whole new future for yourself through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. But again I can’t emphasize this enough that if you cheat you will not see the results you desire or for that matter need. Are you willing to totally commit to receiving your miracle? This is not a Hollywood production. This is real life. This is your life.

Listen to me right now. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. The bible says so. It is the truth and the truth will set you free. Do this throughout the day starting right now. Rake in positive affirmations and realize you can confess your success. That’s right. You can call that which is not as though it were and bring it into reality that which God promises with the words which you speak. I am not talking about some chanting stuff. I am talking about lining up what you say with the Word of God because you believe it with your whole heart deep down inside you.

You see it goes like this: For spiritual things you need to meditate on the Word of God concerning your situation and the promises for what you need. For mental things you need to confess the Word of God concerning your situation. For emotions you need to imagine or visualize the promise from God’s Word has having been fulfilled in your area of need. See yourself working and the money coming in to your bank account. See yourself well physically and you going about your daily business as though you had never been sick. You take medicine three times a day. Do your affirmations from God’s Word followed by three times a day visualizing your self possessing your miracle.

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